225.- The Gift – Music

12 de agosto de 2016

Este grupo portugués me lo presentó mi amigo (medio portugués) Jorge. ¡Viva Portugal!, precioso país de gentes amables. Su canción Music la tengo grabada a fuego en mi memoria. Es una canción bastante especial, como que trata de conseguir una experiencia mística con la música.

The Gift – Music

I’m doing it for music,
I’m doing it for love,
I’m doing it for everyone around me,

and I try
I try to be the only one with this melody in my head,
but I think I hear this song somewhere.

Por lo demás, The Gift facturan un pop elegante bastante accesible a través de canciones muy atractivas como Question Of Love del álbum Film (2001), 11:33, Driving You Slow o 1977 del disco AM-FM (2004), 645 o la canción homónima del disco en directo Fácil de Entender (2006), In Repeat del recopilatorio de 2007, RGB, Race Is Long o la preciosa Primavera de su LP Explode (2011). De este último álbum me llama mucho la atención The Singles, una canción que me encanta y que pasa por diferentes atmósferas (no he dicho que me parecen muy buenos creando atmósferas) durante los 12 minutos que dura y cuya última parte (que comienza sobre el minuto 9:50) copio aquí:

Born in a small town
Bad movies once a week
Two TV channels, no remote, begging for Twin Peaks

A bunch of lunatics
Good hearts in crazy heads
They’ve lost their hope, they were just grown men in our Neverland

And during Christmas eve
The world was sharing gifts
We didn’t care, we were listening to good riffs

A borrowed walkman
The cheapest tape on it
Disintegration in repeat, the best trip I can get

Romance the 80’s, we dance the 90’s
The last 10 years they passed so fast, I kind of miss them

Best parties ever
Our heroes on the stage
Coloured lights, glamour nights, was the neon age

A perfect night for me
Much more than ecstasy
We can sweat, we can jump, You can be so free

The kids in blogs now
And all their stupid hypes
They lack the know how
The whole world in their hands
Except the taste, to write the text
Nobody understands!

Why copy Talking Heads and paste the Radiohead?
Why not discover The Full Sentence of the Pigeonhed

Ten voices spring reverb
Few bars with crazy noise
But at the end, we ‘re all a shadow of The Beach Boys

I miss the elegance
It’s hard, but still exists
Rufus, you are on the top of my list

I’m feeling fresh now
Can see what’s right and wrong
Stop it now
I just did a 12 minute song

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  1. Endi · August 15, 2016


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